Terms and Conditions

1. Program General Terms

1. Loyalty program Club Vip (from now on Club Vip Program or Program) is owned by Grupo Hoteles Playa SA, Avenida Faro Sabinal 341 04740 Roquetas de Mar (Almería), Spain.

2. Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A. shall be informed of any change of name, address or number of identity document (passport or ID) and date of issuance by the holder, by letter sent to the central offices in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) to the Customer Service Department, Avda. Faro Sabinal 341, 04740 Roquetas de Mar (Almería) or to huespedes@playasenator.com, Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A. is not liable for malfunctions or damage produced for the non-compliance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph might be causeb for the client.

3. The application for enrollment into the program implies the express permission of the participant for their data may be provided for advertising purposes only to companies in the Senator Hotels & Resorts Group and its franchised establishments. Completion of the data requested is mandatory. The participant is entitled to access the file where their data is, and may exercise the rights of rectification, cancellation and opposition contained in Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as revocation of consent for transfering and processing of personal data. To do so, write to the data controller and holder of the files where your personal data are:. Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A., Avda Faro Sabinal 341, 04740 Roquetas de Mar (Almería) or at huespedes@playasenator.com.

4. Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A. reserves the right to cancel or modify, in whole or in part, with or without prior notice, the Program conditions, the accumulation and redemption points tables. If the Program is canceled all the points accumulated by the owners will be canceled. Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A. is not responsible for the inconvinients or damages caused by such cancellation or modification of the Program. The program points will not be able to be redeemable in cash, in no case.

5. Senator Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to accept or reject any registration in the program without giving any reason and cancel the card and the customer’s account if it considers have sufficient grounds for doing so.

6. Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A. and the companies of Grupo Senator Hotels & Resorts, in Spain or other countries, disclaim any responsibility in the case that eventualy was impossible to attend for any reason, including “force majeure and acts of God”, the forecasts referenced above and the ones incorporated in the Program standards. In any case shall not be liable for any damages or injury caused by the performance or nonperformance of any of the terms and conditions that are reflected in the program rules.

7. Senator Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to change the conditions for obtaining or maintaining the cards at any time.

8. Senator Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for any lost or delayed mail, or for errors in rates, descriptions or typographical on printed material sent to cardholders, and reserves the right to correct them.

9. Program Terms and Conditions are governed according to the legal regulations in force in this field in Spain and in case of dispute will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Roquetas de Mar (Almería).

2. Program Terms and Conditions

10. The Program is regulated from this time by these conditions, and expressly states that it is void any previous regulatory rules.

11. Registering in the Club Vip Program is free. To start participating in the program you must have been stayed at least 1 time in any Senator Hotels & Resorts hotel affiliated to the Program.

12. To participate in the program must have completed the registration form (available at our hotels).

13. You can only be the owner of a Club Vip or Club Vip Gold card if being an individual person and over 18 and will only be possible a Club Vip or Club Vip Gold card per person. It is essential to present the card to obtain benefits and points. Is prohibited the sale or exchange of any card or benefit of the Program.

14. The transfer between different Club Vip or Club Vip Gold accounts will be allowed if specific conditions for this purpose are met.

15. For more information about the Program please contact our Customer Service Department 902 531 530.

3. Conditions for Accumulation Points

16. Senator Hotels & Resorts accumulation of points is possible from the time that the client has completed the registration form all those visits that have taken place before filing the application form shall not be taken into account.

17. You are eligible for the program benefits and also collect points all the individuals housed in the Hotels Senator Hotels & Resorts chain, which are part of the Program and operating under the brand Senator Hotels & Resorts and pay a single rate published and accepted by those establishments. Senator Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to modify at any time the list of the hotels participating into the Program.

18. Only can be one beneficiary per booking.

19. Personal Senator Hotels & Resorts rates, Groups, Bonus, Travel Agents, Crews and programs outside Senator Hotels & Resorts, as well as free stays at the invitation concept holder may not opt for the Club Vip card advantages neither to accumulate points for its room, but if all the extra expenses that accumulate credit in the room, except those generated by bonus payments and / or gratuities.

20. The hotel stays obtained redeeming points, the holder of those stays will not accumulate points for its room but it will for all the extra expenses that accumulate credit in the room, except those generated by bonus payments and / or gratuities, however its will be able to enjoy of all the Club Vip and Club Vip Gold card advantages.

21. Club Vip or Club Vip Gold card holders will earn points for the amount of the invoice without VAT. No points will be given for banquets (meaning banquet meals and / or dinners of more than 11 people)or renting lounges. Neither will be given points for stays at hotels associated with Senator Hotels & Resorts that are not run under the brands of the program.

22. For reservations of TT.OO and AAVV. (I) will be awarded points based on the number of nights / hotel brand and not the amount of the invoice (see Guide Accumulation PDF- -Format points); (II) will accumulate points for extras during the stay of the total invoice minus VAT (III) in each room can only get points one of the occupants (adults); (IV) No points are awarded for stays at hotels associated with Senator Hotels & Resorts that are not run under the brands of the program.

23. The accumulated points on a visit automatically credited to the Club Vip or Club Vip Gold card only if the customer is identified as a member of the Program, showing its card when check-in at the hotel.

24. A customer can benefit from all the advantages of the program from the time it is identified as a member. For this purpose each time the holder make a reservation, it should be identified and also must present its card at the reception on arrival.

25. The points accrued in the visit will be credited to your account the day after you check out at the hotel. They can be redeemed at the next visit to an hotel of the chain, if the redemption requirements are met.

26. Points not automatically recorded on the card will be paid within one year after the visit. For this purpose, the card holder must submit to the Customer Department a written claim accompanied by proof (reservation copy, invoice copy, etc.) for conducting the visit where it appears the name of hotel, dates of arrival and departure and the number of people stayed. Without this documentation shall not make a payment of retroactive points.

27. In the case of not being hosted in a hotel a Club Vip card owner can not get points and only will enjoy the discounts applied in Beauty And Health Senzia Spa & Wellness, on Theme Park Desert Oasys MiniHollywood tickets and in the shops os those hotels belonging to Grupo Hoteles Playa SA

28. The benefits obtained by the Vip Club program are not compatible or can not be accumulated with those from other Loyalty Programs, unless is determined by Senator Hotels & Resorts. The points will only be credited to the cardholder account regardless of the entity that has paid the bill even is was the proprietor, a company or a travel agency. Each holder may have a single Club Vip account so any additional card to the first card that had obtained or that it could request will be canceled.

29. At the time of a determinated hotel terminate its Club Vip Program membership, will not be able to earn or use points in that hotel and special offers are no longer valid at this automatically, without requiring a prior notice to cardholders.

4. Using Points

30. Free stays obtained through points at those hotels participating in the Program are subject to availability of a certain quota of rooms assigned for this Program. The holder must mention expressly when booking its intention to redeem points of the Program. No free stays (thanks to points) will be accepted without reservation. These reservations must be made directly through the Senator Hotels & Resorts Customer Service Department.

31. Points are redeemed based on the prices pamphlet published by Senator Hotels & Resorts for each season (excluding offers and supplements).

32. No points can be redeemed partially of your bill.

33. If the owner or beneficiary that has made a reservation through points do not perform the stay or cancel it 5 days before the arrival date, the points used when booking will not be refunded.

34. The points for free stays exchange ratio at the participating to the program hotels may be revised and modified at any time by Senator Hotels & Resorts.

5. Points Expiration and Account Cancellation

35. The points accrued in the program will expire 5 years from its issuance if the owner has not previously made its cash redemption. These points will be automatically canceled within the specified period and without prior notice from Grupo Hoteles Playa S.A.

36. Accounts that remain inactive for a period exceeding five years will be automatically canceled and all accumulated points will be lost to date. We understand that an account is inactive when a holder of the Program has not been lodged in the establishments participating in the program during this period. Senator Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to offer different expirations by points awarded in a promotional manner.

37. 1 points equals 1 € (or its equivalent in the currency of the country where the hotel is located). Only valid for free stays redemption.

6. Card’s loss, theft or damage

38. Losing, theft or card damage must be immediately notified to the Customer Service Department. This will allow the issuance of a new card retain the account number Vip. Each new replacement card will supouse a !0 points charge in the Club Vip account.

7. Making transfer points between different Club Vip accounts

39. Any member of the Club Vip different from the holder can enjoy of free stays in the Program participating establishments, if the holder authorizies it in writing by filling in the form Redemption Points Authorization and making the booking previously according to the program procedure.

40. The form is in the following link or you can ask to our Customer Service Department. The beneficiary must send the form duly completed and signedto the Customer Service department before your arrival to the hotel.